Hey Richard,
A "git pull" command is a combo of "git fetch" and "git merge". The first
command pulls objects (commits, etc.) from the repository that you don't
have locally. It also updates your "remote" branches (origin/master, etc.).

After fetching, git notices you are currently on the "master" branch and
wants to merge "origin/master" into it. This is called "tracking branch" --
"master" is set up to track "origin/master" by default whenever you clone a

However, a git merge cannot succeed if the file that has changes to be
merged also has uncommited changes in your working copy. You made local
changes to "src/dom/form.js", but you didn't commit them. You can inspect
that by typing "git status".

If you commited those changes to "master", the merge could proceed. However,
there might be a conflict if the same lines of code were changed by you as
well as upstream. You will then be prompted to resolve the conflicts by

The "git stash" command can help in cases you're not ready to commit your
changes, but want to pull from the repository anyway with your changes
preserved afterwards:

  git stash
  git pull
  git stash pop

However, the best practice for experimenting with Prototype is to commit
your changes to a separate branch, then when you wish to pull in the latest
version of Prototype you just checkout "master" again and do a "git pull".

Now, if you want to update the "master" branch to the latest state as
currently on github and you don't care about your changes made to the
working copy, you can issue this command while on "master": "git fetch
origin && git reset --hard origin/master". YOU WILL LOSE all changes
(commited or uncommited) on this branch that are not a part of the master
branch on github, but sometimes you want to use this destructive method
simply to clean up some mess you have made on the branch by saying "get me
the latest state of prototype library, period."

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 17:10, Richard Quadling <rquadl...@googlemail.com>wrote:

> Hi.
> I do the following steps ...
> cd /d D:\Source\prototype
> git pull
> And get an error ...
> Updating ab1313e..8bfd9cf
> error: Entry 'src/dom/form.js' not uptodate. Cannot merge.

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