Hi all... I was about to submit a ticket (enhancement) but maybe this
has come up before so I ask here... what do you think about being able
to pass more than one event to 'observe' for cases where one may want
the same behavior to run for more than one event?

I realize this can be achieved by extracting the function and passing
it to observe for each event but I want to compress it even more by
doing something like:

$$('input[type=text]').invoke('observe', ['keyup', 'blur'], function
  // some code ...

This would save me from doing:

function doSomething(){
  // some code ...
$$('input[type=text]').invoke('observe', 'keyup', doSomething);
$$('input[type=text]').invoke('observe', 'blur', doSomething);

Maybe this can already be done some other way that I am not aware of?

Thank you!
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