I have a function i found on the web that allows you to submit a form
through POST and obviously this function uses the prototype lib. Now
it works as it should but you have to "hard code" 3 parameters into
the function.

1) The form id of the form you want to post
2) The name of the php script that the form/ajax is posted too
3) The name of the html element that you want the ajax reposnsetext
set into.

Can i make this function more generic so that i can pass the above 3
parameters to the function from the html.  In In the said function
(below),the hard coded paramaters  are contactForm, feedback and
login.php. So this listener function wathces for a form click on the
form with id = contactForm etc...and then grabs the form POST data,
but as i said what if i have more than one form with different ids,
different output elements and different php scripts,

document.observe('dom:loaded', function() {

                                        function sendForm(event){
                                                // we stop the default submit 
                                                var oOptions = {
                                                        method: "POST",
                                                        asynchronous: true,
                                                        onFailure: function 
(oXHR) {

function(oXHR) {
                                                var oRequest = new 

oOptions.onSuccess.bindAsEventListener(oOptions)}, "login.php",
                                        Event.observe('submitButton', 'click', 
sendForm, false);


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