Ryan, thank you for this fix. I've modified my copy of rc3.

On a side note: I think the library would lose about 10k if tabs were
used for indentation rather than multiple spaces.

On Jun 30, 11:52 am, "Ryan Holliday (wrh2)" <ryan.holli...@gmail.com>
> I filed a bug on this issue with a suggested fix (https://
> prototype.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8886/tickets/648-ssl-error-on-ie6-
> with-161_rc2).  I'm not sure what the status is for getting this
> resolved for 1.6.1, although we've been running successfully with the
> proposed fix for several months in a production environment.
> > 2009/6/29 Diodeus <diod...@gmail.com>
> > Hi gang,
> > When testing with 1.6.1_rc2 and 1.6.1_rc3 I got complaints from some
> > corporate clients that they're getting the following dialog on IE6.
> > "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items."
> > I managed to test this, and confirmed this is the case. Older versions
> > of Prototype do not cause this problem. I'm not sure why it's
> > happening. I searched through rc3 and other than comments I didn't
> > find any obvious culprits.
> > So I cannot concurrently support both IE8 and IE6 users.
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