People: i had been searching the web to find some way to load a piece
of javascript code on demand. So far the only method thats works is

var ServerObject = Class.create({
        initialize: function() {
                this.the_script = "";
                new     Ajax.Request(arguments[0], {
                        contentType: "text/javascript",
                        asynchronous: false,
                        onSuccess: function(t) {

                        var j = new Element('script', {
                                        type:           "text/javascript",
                                        language:       "javascript"
                                j.innerHTML = this.the_script;
                        onFailure: function(t){
                return eval(this.el_script);

This works only on mozilla. I canĀ“t find a way to make a method or
function well. (cross browser an clean)

Thanks, and sory about my english is quite forgotted.
Federico Ciliberti.

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