Hi Allen,

> I think you need "this.nifty.$super.call(this, foo);"

You don't, although that also works.  A named function's name is in
scope within the function:

    function foo(bar) {
        alert(typeof foo); // Alerts "function"

However, I was thinking about anonymous functions this morning while
waking up (pathetic, isn't it?) and realized that even if you don't
use a named function, you can avoid arguments.callee with exactly the
form you describe:  this.nifty.$super.call(this, foo);  I don't like
the repetition of "this", but if you don't have time to switch
everything over to named functions (I'm thinking of retrofitting
efforts), it's a reasonable first step, and I assume (haven't tested
it yet) still gets speed gains over arguments.callee.

Will be posting a sample implementation (it's wonderfully simple, but
there are a couple of edge cases around dynamic updates of classes)
and tests ASAP, but I want to get some of the Prototype documentation
issues sorted out first (transferring the old doc to the new format
and updating), since that's more urgent.

-- T.J. :-)

On Sep 5, 2:46 pm, Allen Madsen <bla...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > >     var Thingy = Class.create({
> > >         nifty: function nifty(foo, bar) {
> > >             nifty.$super.call(this, foo);
> > >         }
> > >     });
> > > It just ignores the function name and complains that 'nifty' is not
> > > defined.  This works:
> I think you need "this.nifty.$super.call(this, foo);"
> Allen Madsenhttp://www.allenmadsen.com
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