Is it just me, or the usability of the new API micro site isn't as
good as the old one?

I mean before, if I wanted to know more about Event#observe, I would
just type /api/element/observe, where as the new url would be which happens
to be way harder.

Also, the old API micro site had dedicated page for each method, where
as the new one has all methods in one page.

May be I am too used the way the old site was organized.

What do you think?

-- joneff

On Sep 2, 12:25 am, "T.J. Crowder" <> wrote:
> there a plan for putting redirects or what-have-you in place
> from the old API locations?  E.g.,
> >
> If redirects are possible in Mephisto, I could have a crack at it, but
> perhaps in the short term (since not all of the content has been moved
> over yet) it would be better just to have links at the top...
> -- T.J.
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