+1 for restoring examples. Even as i've used the library for almost
two years, i still occasionally need a refresher on some of the stuff
i don't use frequently.

Kudos, T.J.
-joe t.

On Sep 7, 6:54 am, "T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As some of you know, I'm running through all of our old docs and
> merging them into the PDoc comments in the source, and I've run into a
> really common theme:  Where methods are already documented in the
> source, it's usually a copy of the original documentation with any
> examples left out.
> Why?  (Brief) examples are a good thing in documentation!
> I'm restoring most of them, adjusting some to be a little more clear,
> but somebody tell me if there's some strong reason for stripping them
> out.
> --
> T.J. Crowder
> tj / crowder software / com
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