Hi Allen,

thanks for your reply.

> First, toHash would probably fit prototype's style more.

True, I guess. But it sounds as if it's a method to generically
convert an Array to a Hash. This is not what I was trying to solve.
As I said, I often run into situations where I want to further process
the result of a Hash selection, e.g. after 'findAll'. I find such a
method quite helpful.
But I am completely undetermined with regard to the naming.

> Second, in the implementation for hashify:
> else if (Object.isArray(item) && item.size()>0) hash.set(item[0], item[1]);
> This is disturbing to me, because if the array is 3 elements or more, you
> essentially discard any values after the first two.

Also true, but as above: 'hashify' is not intended to be a generic
conversion function. However, this line may be superfluous and

> Lastly, I think the biggest problem is that there are a thousand different
> ways to convert an array to a hash and each person would find a different
> one useful. ...
> IMHO, this doesn't belong in core.

I fully agree on that and maybe should have made myself more clear in
my first post, sorry.
I see the proposed method as some sort of glue to make working with
Hashes easier (that's why I'd also included '$H' as an alias).
Although I am not a big fan of chaining...

Compare e.g.


to something like

   var result = $H();
   $H(...).each(function(item) {
      if (mySelector(item)) result.set(item.key, item.value);

(Yes, I know there is a way to access the keys in this case more
easily, 'keys' here is just an example for a Hash method.)

- Julian
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