On Sep 8, 11:11 am, Robert Kieffer <bro...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I still have some serious reservations about this patch.
> Before I dive into details, though, can someone please tell me why
> we're not looking at Dean Edwards old Base2 approach[1], or John
> Resig's variation on that[2]?  That general approach would seem to
> offer a good trade-off between performance and usability.

Last time I checked, Resig's implementation relied on function
decompilation too, which we are trying to avoid this time.

> ... and it's that trade-off I have reservations about.  If Prototype
> is going to replace the current $super technique, it's this tradeoff
> that I would like to see a nice balance on.  And with all respect to
> you, T.J., I don't think your solution has that. There's no question
> it is more performant (woot!), but I have serious doubts about it's
> overall usability.
> The requirement for named function expressions (NFEs) puts a serious
> crimp in developers coding style.  Having to declare the functions in

Actually, there's no such requirement. You are free to use anonymous
function expressions, named function expressions or function
declarations. You only need to have a reference to a function; doesn't
matter how you created it and which identifier you gave to it.

var f;
  initialize: (f = function(){
    // ...

There's your `f`, referencing function in question. No Identifier

> one section and then wrap them up in a returned data structure in
> another... It's nice that this style works for Prototype, and I
> appreciate the advantages, but it's not exactly commonplace (not that
> anything is).  It'll definitely give more than one developer pause.
> Can I politely suggest that maybe you guys are a bit too close to the
> code and are taking the learning curve here for granted?
> And having to explicitly type the name of each function 3-4 times to
> define it will very quickly get tiresome.  It makes writing code
> harder, and it makes refactoring it harder as well.  Which means more

I agree. Repetition of function names is by far the biggest downside
to this approach. And, of course, it is impossible to not repeat
function name without either relying on function decompilation or
completely hog performance by blindly wrapping every single method
with a closure to its parent.


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