Hi James,

You're right, Hash does indeed rely on underlying JavaScript vanilla
objects, which can only use strings as keys.

Supporting using objects as keys would be a complete rewrite, and a
fairly inefficient one in terms of runtime performance (I did it once,
and abandoned it as not worthwhile).  I'm not aware of any plans to do
so.  I suspect you'd be better off (from a performance standpoint)
building toString / fromString support into your keys.

T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com

On Sep 10, 7:07 pm, James Aimonetti <james.aimone...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Core,
> Wanted to ask about why Hash doesn't support Objects as keys? I believe
> it relies on Javascript using the toString on the object to set the
> key's value, rather than a true hash.
> var key1 = new Object();
> var key2 = new Object();
> var h = $H();
> h.set(key1, "First");
> h.set(key2, "Second");
> h.get(key1) // -> Second
> Is there any plan to support true object-as-key ability? I couldn't find
> discussion on the topic searching the group.
> --
> James Aimonetti
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> work: 540.459.2220
> email: james.aimone...@gmail.com
> website:http://jamesaimonetti.com
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