I'm with Robert, is there a good use case for these or should we just
deprecate them?

But if we're going to get into renaming things, Enumerable#include is
crying out for an "s" on the end ("if this thing include*s* this other
thing then..."); without one it seems to say "include this argument in
the enumerable" -- e.g., add.

-- T.J. :-)

On Oct 3, 3:24 pm, Robert Kieffer <bro...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Quick reality check: Where is the value in String/Array functions that
> test for emptiness?  'These methods are nothing more than wrappers
> around code like,  "if (!aString) ...", or "if (!anArray.length) ..."
> - i.e. JS already has perfectly good constructs for this.
> It's great that Prototype is inspired by Ruby, but much of it's charm
> is due to the fact it's done a  good job of avoiding the pitfall of
> providing lots of syntactic sugar for people that don't know JS.
> (Nevermind that Array#empty() would seem to be synonomous with "!
> Array#any()", btw)
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