I'd like to get everyone's opinion on an idea for simplifying the
backward compatibility issues in Prototype.  This comes in reaction to
Joran Greef's suggestion that the Prototype API should standardize on
milliseconds as the unit of time passed to methods like Function#delay
() (which currently take seconds):


Joran's arguments have merit, but as T.J., says "I don't see
changing ... barring a wholescale Prototype API rewrite."  This
position is understandable, given how much upheaval API changes cause
in the Prototype community nowadays.  But, boy, it sure would be nice
if there were a good compromise!

To address this issue, I propose adding a "Prototype.Compatibility"
property.  It is similar to Prototype.Version, but has a semantic of,
"the desired version of compatibility." By default, this would be set
to the current version:

    Prototype.Compatibility = Prototype.Version;

Users could set this after importing Prototype to control the behavior
of any API that honored this setting.  E.g.  To indicate you would
like compatibility with version 1.6 (to the extent possible), you
would do this:

    Prototype.Compatibility = 1.6;

Internally, methods like delay() could be tweaked to honor this as

    // Old code:
    //      timeout = timeout * 1000
    // New code:
    timeout *= (Prototype.Compatibility < 2.0 ? 1000 : 1;)

Please note that I'm being very careful not to imply that Prototype
2.0 should have a way to achieve across-the-board compatibility with
1.6.  Rather, I'm saying only that there are certain cases where
supporting this property is trivial, and this has the dual benefit of
making it easier to clean up and evolve the Prototype API, while
minimizing compatibility issues for users that upgrade.
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