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> Subject: [Prototype-core] Re: Google's Closure Compiler on 1.6.1
> On Nov 24, 12:04 pm, barunio <baru...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Has anyone tried to run Google's Closure Compiler in advanced mode on
> > 1.6.1?  The compression it achieves is fantastic, and it would be
> > great to know that it's safe to use with Prototype.  It creates 126
> > warnings (no errors), and I was hoping someone with a bit more
> > experience with the core codebase than me might have some interest in
> > taking a look.
> There are two things that prevent successful compression. First of
> all, Closure Compiler is still premature. It does few unsafe
> translations that it shouldn't really be doing. For this reason, I
> would think twice before using it in production code (or at least test
> munged code thoroughly).
> Then there's properties munging in advanced mode, which essentially
> brakes all of Prototype's public API. `Object.isFunction`, for
> example, becomes `Object.Aa`, and so on. Without some explicit white/
> black -listing of properties that are allowed to be munged, it's not
> possible to compress library in a safe way.

What if you added your own code to the end of Prototype, then ran though 
Closure? So long as it was Object.Aa everywhere, it should work.


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