Ok, thanks for answers, I understood what you said, I've seen Comet
programming, I've search a while before I've post this thread.

And it's because all ways I found were dirty ways :
Like I said, APE keep connexion alive waiting for data, then can give
only one flow per connexion.
And DWR seems clear for me on the client side, and the only "problem"
to my eyes is the server side in Java.

And I just gave you the idea because I use Prototype for years and I
just told me, "Oh those guys have perhaps already got the idea, and
I'll tell them people (at least me :) ) need this feature". I really
didn't expected you to do the work for me, because however I'll build
a way for my application before you had started (sorry for the tense
and all my languages mistakes.. I'm french) to build this feature in

I'll keep looking for the best way to do that even if I go up to work
for Google, and I'll keep you in touch about interesting stuff. ;)

Best regards.

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