Hi all, I've been working on fixing issues
reducing overhead caused by the current fix for those inconsistencies.

On master branch, IE doesn't pass functional test for mouseleave because we
rely on event.relatedTarget which is not set on the event returned by
Another issue is caused by this Firefox < 3.6
bug<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=463644>which is
correctly <http://dev.jquery.com/browser/trunk/jquery/src/event.js#L511> in
the current mouse(enter|leave) simulation implementation
(We should *break* in the catch block in order to dispatch the event when we
mouse(over|out) observed element parent scrollbars).

Solving the *detection* part of the mouse(enter|leave) implementation is
easy enough (breaking does it), however patching the XULElement as
relatedTarget in mouse(over|out) one is tricky since the relatedTarget is
readonly and thus cannot be reassigned a correct value. I had a first quick
attempt at this
problem<http://github.com/charettes/prototype/commits/events>but then
I realised it never really fixed the main issue because
mouse(over|out) events were still able to dispatch erronous relatedTarget.

I came out with what seems to be a viable
introduce a new method to the Event api but reduce the overhead on IE
(_relatedTarget) and wrap the issues in a thin abstraction layer. I also
adapted the functional test and added a new one to test the scrollbar issue
on Firefox.

I'm aware that this solution might cause problems to the few people that
were relying on the* *undocumented addition of the relatedTarget property to
event on IE but IMO performance gains and the fact that this method offers a
way to ensure cross-browser compatibility are worth the introduction of this
method in a future release (1.7+).

Let me know what you guys think.


ps: The method name could probably be more concise and the documentation
more elaborated, feel free to suggest alternatives.

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