I feel the same way. It wasn't immediately apparent that they were
clickable, and they contain some fairly valuable information. I
actually sent a pull request with a fix (hover state) but i don't
think it was ever merged in.

On Apr 3, 2:30 am, "T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> Am I the only one who didn't realize the "Section"s in the list on the
> left were clickable? I only found out when I followed a link to the
> "Ajax section" from Ajax.Request, trying to find the options so I
> could point someone at them.
> In retrospect it's obvious that they would be, and certainly the
> cursor has the right shape, but something about the styling makes me
> think of them purely as headers, not something clickable in their own
> right.
> Anyway, if it's just me, it doesn't matter (I mean, I know they're
> clickable now). If others have had the same reaction, it may be worth
> looking at the styling of those.
> -- T.J.

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