Hello everyone,

I was just checking out some of my code to see if I could optimize it and I
noticed that in event handlers the event.stop() method has to be
called separately from all other code. Something I like about prototype is
that a lot of methods can be chained like the Element methods
(e.addClassName('bla').insert(foo).toggle().observe('click', bar).......).

But instead of returning the event, event.stop() returns 'undefined' making
it impossible to do something like this:

var e = event.stop().findElement('a');

and forcing me to use 2 lines:

var e = event.findElement('a');

I've added 'return event;' at the bottom of the stop method in Event.Methods
and it works perfectly (in FireFox, haven't tested in other browsers). Is it
possible to make this small change? Or is there a reason why the event isn't

 Johan Arensman

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