I have a problem with Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater in conjunction with a
file upload with the Opera Browser (9.52, Build
10108, WinXP). What I'm trying to do is, showing a progress bar during
a simple file upload. When the file upload is started by hitting the
submit button, startUpldMonitoring() is called by onsubmit="return
startUpldMonitoring();". During the upload, the PeriodicalUpdater
refreshes a container with status information about the upload.

function startUpldMonitoring() {
        new Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater('prog_bar', '/uploadstatus', {
                method: 'POST',
                asynchronous: true,
                frequency: 1,
                decay: 1,
                onSuccess: function(transport) {
                        alert('onSuccess ' + transport.status);
        return true;

Everything works fine with Firefox and IE but not with Opera. What I
found out is, that the very first request has a transport.status==0.
On Opera, the PeriodicalUpdater stops after this first request. I can
see on the server that there really is one request.

Any suggestions?

Regards, Christian

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