Thanks, silver.
But that exactly that I've understood.

What I'm asking is that why this is not documented on Prototype site.

On Sep 3, 3:54 pm, sliver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Element.update() is designed for updating DOM elements (A, DIV, SPAN,
> etc), not specifically FORM elements (INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT, etc).
> Form.Element.setValue() is the method for setting FORM element values.
> Usage is something along the lines of:
> $(someFormElementId).setValue('new value');
> -- or --
> Form.Element.setValue($(someFormElementId), 'new value');
> There are many ways of going about this, but essentially you will need
> to have the prototype extended FORM element to either use a method on,
> or for the first argument when using the Form.Element.setValue()
> method.
> <prototype extended FORM element>.setValue(<new value>);
> -- or --
> Form.Element.setValue(<prototype extended FORM element>, <new value>);
> On Sep 2, 8:43 am, Alexey Bass <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I found that "Form.Element" documentation (
> > api/form/element) tells nothing about "Form.Element#setValue" method.
> > Actually, "Element#update" doesn't worked on some "TEXTAREA", so I
> > went to check help pages and after JS-file itself and figured that.
> > Is it because of some limitations?

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