On Sep 5, 4:28 pm, elduderino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> No it's not unique...the element is created on the fly and is a copy
> of another element....i'm not worried about semantics here especially
> as the element only a copy...this is a really complicated dragging and
> dropping application and i need to keep track on the id of an element
> in order for it to work..... the id plus the class de_small is it's
> state once it's been dropped......the context in which i'm trying to
> grab it is if the user has dropped it in to the wrong droppable...if
> they have i'm grabbing it and want to changes the classname....so
> actually what i want is:
It doesn't matter whether the element is created on the fly or not.
Element id's must be unique. If your id is duplicated, the behaviour
is not defined.

(But Kangax is right that your immediate problem is that $$ returns an

Colin fine

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