On Sep 9, 9:55 am, lawrencejob <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sorry for the thread reincarnation


>, but I had a client wanting similar
> recently.

Similar to what?  Do you mean trying to determine if  touch events are
supported?  Here's a sample function that does just that:

  var touchSupported = (function () {
    if (document && document.createEvent) {
      try {
         return true;
       } catch (e) {
         return false;

The focus here is on a detection technique, use it however suits.

> While it works perfectly, it gets incredibly choppy when
> doing any major animation,

If you are using Prototype.js + Scriptaculous, that's hardly

> especially those that include movement of
> multiple elements. Also, there can be bugs when dragging, and you'll
> eant to seriously compress the JS....

And seriously optimise it for performance.

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