Hello. I am fairly new to Prototype. Here's what I want to do. I have
2 select lists.  One list (id="featureList") has a list of all
possible feature for a car.  The other list (id="feature") is
initially blank.  Here's the initial HTML"

<select id="feature" multiple name="feature" size="5"></select>
<button id="removeFeature" name="removeFeature" value="Remove
Feature"> &gt;&gt;Remove </button>
<button id="addFeature" name="addFeature" value="Add Feature">
<select id="featureList" multiple name="featureList" size="5" >
  <option value="TV">TV</option>
  <option value="XM Radio">XM Radio</option>
  <option value="Air Conditioned">Air Conditioned</option>
  <option value="Tinted Windows">Tinted Windows</option>
  <option value="GPS">GPS</option>

When a user clicks on one or more feature from "featureList", I do the
var newOption =  new Element('option', { name: feature, id: feature,
text: feature });

So far so good. "feature" will now contain the features selected from

But when the user clicks the "Submit" button on the form, I intercept
the submit and loop through the "feature" attribute, and it is empty!
Visually, the list is populated, but the form, doesn't seem to know


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