Why not to do it on your own? E.g. smth like this?

var st = result.toLowerCase().indexOf(keyword.toLowerCase());
            if (st != -1) {
                var output = result.substring(0, st) + '<em>' +
result.substring(st, st + keyword.length) + '</em>' +
result.substring(st + keyword.length);
            else {
                var output = result;

On Sep 10, 3:12 am, Jack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
>     I'm using 1.8.4 latest scriptaculous library for autocomplete
> functionality. Everything works Perfect!
>      I would like to know if scriptaculous supports highligting the
> returned results. When I type say "a" in the textbox, then the
> scrollable options will appear with results which contains "a". What I
> need is that the returned results should display the searched
> chanracter (in this case "a") in bold throughout all the occurences
> within resultset.
>     I'll appreciate if any one can help me acheiving this
> functionality using scriptaculous.
> Thanks in Advance!

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