On Sep 10, 10:20 am, Matt Foster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> firstDescendant is a convienence function for referencing the
> "firstChild" where its an immediate descendant of the element.  At
> first I thought you could just bust out with ele.descendants().last()
> but in researching this idea it would potentially give you unexpected
> results.  As descendants()  grabs all children and grandchildren the
> last object on that array could very well be a deeply nested element
> and not particularly the lastChild element reference that you were
> looking for.  If this method is something you would really value you
> could simply add it yourself using the Element.addMethods method, it
> might look something like this.
> Element.addMethods({
>   lastDescendant: function(element) {
>     element = $(element).lastChild;
>     while (element && element.nodeType != 1) element =
> element.previousSibling;
>     return $(element);
>   }
> });

A less performant, but shorter version would be:


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