On Sep 9, 7:35 pm, David Sveningsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Diodeus skrev:
> > Did you put style='float:left' on your DIVs?
> Yes, and the divs is nicely floating next to each other at the beginning
> and they form a new nicely floating row below the original when moved.
> http://ruri.sidvind.com/static-20080909-2.html<--- Wrapping in div's
> What I noticed is that this only occurs if I use "dropOnEmpty: true",
> which I believe I must use as I want to be able to drop images into
> empty containers.

For reference, I found the error myself. As each sortable had a number
of floating divs I had placed a <br style="clear:both"/> _inside_ the
sortable div. This causes any item placed last after the br and thus
on a new line. Moving the br out of the sortable div solves the
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