Hi LeCapitaine,

First, there is no difference in the DOM if an element is created with
hardcoded HTML or dynamically, so what you want to do should work
without any problem :))
Now, it seems that there is an error somewhere in the code :((

Could you send an url or code to test your problem ?

Anyway, some though :
does your newly created element have an ID ?? is it uniq for previous
and new cards ??
Do you recreate the dragg & &drop or reuse the previous one ??


On Sep 10, 11:06 pm, LeCapitaine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'll try to be as clear as possible to explain my issue, if I'm not
> let me know I'll try again !
> I'm working on a online card game and I'd like tu use the Drag&Drop
> scripts from script.aculo.us
> Nothing tough for the moment! To symbolize my 8 cards, I use 8 blocks
> <div> and I have no problem to drag and drop them.
> But I also want to refresh my page through AJAX to get an accurate
> number of cards when I'm playing (8 then 7 then ....) .
> It's really basic for the moment, I click on a Submit button to call a
> PHP script via AJAX.
> The PHP script prints the X blocks <div> that are correctly displayed
> after the refresh.
>  My problem is that the Drag&Drop is not working anymore after the
> refresh.
> I fear that the Drag&Drop scripts only work with "hard coded" HTML and
> not with dynamic lines coming from AJAX. Am I right ?
> Thanks for your help !
> N.
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