On Sep 10, 11:46 pm, jmmg77 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a page with a list box and an autocomplete.  The autocomplete
> results need to be filtered by both the text and the selected value in
> the list box.  Is there a way to either....
> a. Serialize the form each time the user performs a search to reflect
> the current listbox value?
>     OR...
> b. Pass a variable in the options of the autocomplete that reflects
> any changes made to the listbox?
That's what I would do.  Something like:

new Ajax.Autocomplete(
 parameters: ... + '&filter='+$F('filter'),

Where 'filter' is both the name of the listbox, and the name of the
parameter that your server-side code will use to filter the values.


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