I'd like to know if it is possible to add an 'system wide'
notification when ANY Ajax.Request or Ajax.Updater is executed? I want
to use this kind of behavior to show some sort of indicator to the
user that content will be updated shortly, or when a request is
pending. Yes I know I could use onComplete or something like that but
that meens I'll have to add that piece of code on every Ajax call and
since my project consists over 5000+ lines of code or so, a different
approuch would be helpfull :-)

I was thinking of for example extending the Ajax.Updater class in the
initialize method so I can execute my code first (eg showing an
indicator) and than call the 'parent' initialize method.

Is this the best thing to do, if so, how do I exactly extend that
method? I prefer not to change the prototype.js core code for future
update reasons :-)

Thanks in advance!

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