Thanks for reply
You are right - its pop up window - unfortunately its impossible to
rearchitect a large project to act in one window through divs

So, any other suggestion?

On 16 сент, 15:55, bluezehn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Do you mean separate browser windows? If you do, good luck getting
> this to work as the two browser windows have separate doms, therefore
> when the event fires it will bubble up through the dom in the window
> of the form element, but there's absolutely no point at which that
> event is going to work its way into the dom of your other window.
> My advice: popup browser windows are not cool. I know I never see them
> as I (like every Firefox or IE7 user) have a popup blocker which is
> going to make sure your window doesn't appear. So instead of poping up
> a whole new browser window, which is outdated, inefficient and not
> dependable, make a new div element. Set this div to have fixed
> positioning central to the screen in css, and then put whatever you
> want in there. That way it can still share the same event set, the
> browser has no way of blocking it, it doesn't create a whole new
> browser instance, it can be customised to the styles of your site, it
> isn't annoying, it's quicker and just so much better.
> I may have misunderstood what you mean with windows and child windows
> in which case the above may have been irrelevant and/or patronising.
> If this is the case I apologise and please explain what you mean by
> "open child window from the first window"
> On Sep 16, 12:50 pm, buda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I do follow:
> > in the first window I register an observer
> > forms[0].observe('Form:changed', function(){ alert('Eventis fired') })
> > then I open child window from the first window and in the child window
> > I try to fire event in the opener window
> > var f = $(window.opener.forms[0])
> >'Form:changed', 'lalala');
> > but the event doesnt fired
> > Why?- Скрыть цитируемый текст -
> - Показать цитируемый текст -
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