Hi guys,

I'm new to prototype. I've been using it to load a panel by writing
what I get from pd_builddetails.html into a div tag using innerHTML.
This works fine with firefox, but on IE6, its a little unpredictable.
I have it working sometimes, but after awhile of clicking around, it
seems to be "loading" for a very looong time.
Closing the browser and restarting it again, seems to solve this
problem. Anyone experience this before?

Thanks in advance!


 //Loads the Build Details Panel
    function loadBuildDetails(buildID){
                 new Ajax.Request('pd_builddetails.html',
            parameters: {buildID: buildID },
            onLoading: function() {
src='images/spinner.gif' border=0 align='left' height=16
            onSuccess: function(transport){
               response = transport.responseText || "no response
               //response = response.trim();
            onFailure: function(){ alert('Something went wrong. with
build details panel..') }

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