OK it's up and running now...   checking the drop in the url action
working fine
thanks a lot

On 16 sep, 16:48, Erwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It's also a matter of application design:   I have 3 colums  left:
> User items, right Work items, middle:    User+ScheduledWork items
> the user is dragging 'Work' items on 'User' in the middle colum,
> acceptance is based on timing , so the app is checking for a free
> period in all already dragged work items for a User...
> automatic denying a dragged work may not be good, could be better to
> accept the work item, and modify the User infos to show a problem in
> scheduling... keeping open the decision to drag it back to the Work
> list, or modifying the timing...
> this checking is running fine when I dblclick a Work item to show
> which User could accept it ot not....
> I just have now to perform the same checking when dragging directly
> the Work item
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