Greetings Brent,

       Its not that Prototype has somehow neglected this aspect, but
simply the fact that an input type='file' cannot be transferred as you
have expected.  Its value is a path, not the source of the file
itself. There are very strict rules on this input type for security
reasons.  Javascript never has access to the source of the file so it
can't be placed into an XHR request.  As you noted you can keep a
stateful web app and load the files via an off screen  IFRAME.  This
is the best approach while sticking to DHTML, there are more advanced
solutions using a Flash object but thus requiring your users to have
the plugin.


On Sep 17, 12:14 pm, BrentNicholas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've read that Prototype can not seralize files that have been
> selected for upload in the form. Found this out the hard way....
> "Hrmm. Every thing else loaded... where's my file?"
> Is this still the case?
> I've read that most people do an iFrame solution.
> Anyone have other ideas?
> Thanks for your time,
> BN
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