I know have something like this:

        function variables()
                var url = '/xxx/etc/php/fill_variable_list.php';
                var target = 'output-div';
                var pars = 'selectedKeyword=".str_replace(" ", "+",
$selectedKeyword)."&selected_ids="[EMAIL PROTECTED]("+",
                var myAjax = new Ajax.Updater(target, url, {method: 'get',
parameters: pars});
                $('output-div').insert(new Element('form', { id:
'form_define_dataset' }))

It's not working. So, I guess, I haven't really understood the thing
correctly (I am far away from that...). Do you have any tip for me
what I should do?

Thanks for your precious help!

On Sep 17, 3:35 pm, Diodeus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> To insert something into the DOM use this. You can add other
> attributes as well. Read the Prototype docs.
> $("someDiv").insert(new Element("form", { id: 'moo' }))
> On Sep 17, 6:53 am, luftikus143 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > You may need to add a <form> tag (using new Element) then put the
> > > contents of your form inside it. Alternately, you can have the <form>
> > > tag as part of your HTML to begin with.
> > Thanks a lot! How does this "new Element" thing work? Do you have by
> > chance a quick example?
> > Thanks anyway, I'll see what I can do.
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