Second attempt:

I'm fairly new to Scriptaculous and trying to figure out how to do
this properly:

I have a menu of question-types and a Sortable list of questions.
  I want to be able to click on a menu-item (NOT a question)
  and have it generate a new question - already being dragged -
  which I can drop into the question-list.

Slightly complicating this: the question-id and form defaults will be
  results of an ajax call against the database,
  so on clicking a menu item I want it to create a
  temporary placeholder (a generic question-form)
  which becomes the actual question once the database responds,
  either before or after being dropped into the question-list.

One more thing - can I unset the movement constraints
  on the new question until I drop it into the survey list,
  then reset it to be vertically constrained to the list??

I have been unable to find any how-to's on this;
  if anyone could properly explain how to go about this,
  I'd be glad to write up a summary once I get it working!

Hugh Bothwell

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