Maybe I should check up on my old posts... Matt answered it quite well

Thanks Matt!

On Sep 18, 10:23 am, BrentNicholas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was going to ask another question, but in tying it out I realised
> there is a more fundamental question here..
> Q: within a function, do the statements run in order? if one statement
> is running will it move on to the next? I faintly recall reading
> something about js not paying attention to order. But, thinking about
> it throws declaring vars first out the window.
> What I'm getting at is this, I have a function that runs some code to
> post a form to an iFrame (for file upload) and submits it to a file
> doing the 'work'. Then right after this I run an Ajax.Request to
> refresh a div, reflecting the newly uploaded content.
> I strongly feel that I need to know that the iFrame post needs to some
> how let the app know it's done prior to running the Ajax.Request
> refreshing the div.
> Here's some code to show what I'm talking about. Sorry if this is very
> elementary school, everyday I run into new challeges that push my
> knowledge of js scripting.
> Thanks for looking at this.... and not laughing tooo hard... :)
> function updateStationDetails()
> {
>         var org_code = $F('ORG_CODE');
>        // shouldn't we know this block is done before moving on??
>         $('DETAILS_FORM').writeAttribute({method:"post",
> action:"updateStation.cfm", target:"RSIFrame"});
>         $('DETAILS_FORM').insert(new Element("iframe", {id: "RSIFrame", name:
> "RSIFrame", style: "width: 0px; height: 0px; border: 0px;", src:
> "blank.html"}));
>         $('form').submit();
>        // end non communicating block
>       // this block needs to hang out until the above is done
> new Ajax.Request('editStation.cfm?ORG_CODE='+org_code+'&'+cfSession,
>       {
>         method: 'get',
>         onSuccess: loadStationDetails,
>                 onComplete: attachStationObservers,
>         onFailure: function(r) {
>           throw new Error( r.statusText );
>         }
>       }
>     );
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