I'm building a diary app. I have week divs, within each there are 7
day divs. The day divs are draggable onto another day to copy across
that day's events - likewise with a whole week.

Dragging days around works absolutely fine.

However, when I drag a week and it then reverts, dragging a day within
that week afterwards is messed up - the day fails to appear above any
of the other days in subsequent weeks - it just drags around below all
the other divs.

Another observation is that the day divs from that week, on dragging,
will appear below any day divs underneath them on the page, but still
above any day divs above them on the page.

I could post the code. I'd rather someone explained exactly why this
might be. I've tried messing about with z-indices but I don't think
this is the problem - surely they don't apply to non-absolutely
positioned divs? I'm absolutely stumped as to why this is happening,
and the comment-less source code doesn't give me any clues either.

Any help would be greatly - and I mean greatly as supposed to be
demoing this website on Tuesday - appreciated!


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