Ok, I was just checking about the popup, I thought perhaps using the
function to open would screw stuff up. I am designing an Intranet
Business Web App, restricted to 1 browser. If I was going to use a
"lightbox" effect I'd just open a whole new page, but I'm trying to
give the app a slightly more desktop feel.

On Sep 20, 1:49 pm, bluezehn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Can I please, please beg of you not to use a popup window. It's ugly.
> Most browsers just block them anyway so it's useless.
> You've got to remember as well that a popup window is a COMPLETELY
> separate browser instance. You can't access any variables at all from
> the source window, and prototype/scriptaculous will not be available
> unless they're included in the source of the popup.
> Much much better is to bring up a fixed positioned div floated above
> everything else on the page. Google prototip to see what I mean - and
> they don't have to be "tooltips" either, they can be full on windows
> over the rest of your page - see the other project by the author of
> prototip, think it's called lightbox, to see what I mean.
> Other than that advice, your question is way too vague to be able to
> answer it. If you have prototype in the source of the popup window,
> ajax will be available just as it otherwise would be - either you
> haven't included prototype or there's an error in your code, in which
> case the fact that it's running in a popup window is completely
> irrelevant.
> On Sep 20, 5:46 pm, "Bobby.D" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I'm using the following function to generate a pop up box:
> > var win=null;
> > function popUp(page, name, w, h, scrollb) {
> >         var winL = (screen.width-w)/2;
> >         var winT = (screen.height-h)/3.5;
> >         var settings = 'height='+h+',';
> >         settings += 'width='+w+',';
> >         settings += 'top='+winT+',';
> >         settings += 'left='+winL+',';
> >         settings += 'resizable=no';
> >         settings += 'scrollbars='+scrollb+',';
> >         settings += 'toolbar=no';
> >         settings += 'menubar=no';
> >         window.open(page, name, settings);
> > }
> > I use the following link to open:
> > <a href="#" onclick="popUp('initiate.php', 'Initiate Case', '600',
> > '600', 'no')"><img src="images/initiateCase.png" alt="Initiate Case" /
> > ></a>
> > The popup works, however, I can't get ANY AJAX to work on the pop up.
> > I'm successfully loading several Spry Assets, I can't figure out why I
> > can' get any of the AJAX to work.
> > I'm using an Updater to display a dynamically generated number from a
> > PHP page. When I pull the php page up, it is working properly....but
> > no update.
> > Could it be because of the way I'm opening the page?
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