On Sep 20, 6:40 pm, Spalx <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I`ve recently started using prototype because of its Ajax functions,
> though it doesnt let me use the for(in) function of JavaScript, so
> i`ve referred to the array.each function, though that doesnt quite
> work how i need it to. Here`s what i have:
> var arr = new Array();
> arr[2] = "some text";
> arr[5] = "some text";
> arr[24] = "some text";
> ... now when i use array.each ... it doesnt give me the indexes i`ve
> set, but the ones starting from 0 (0,1,2) ... which is a problem for
> me, with for(x in arr) it was working perfectly because i would get
> "x" and everything was perfect, but now it doesnt seem to work ... how
> can i solve that ? Any tips ? Thanks in advance.

You can still get the same functionality using `for..in` (but skipping
properties from the prototype chain):

var arr = [];
arr[2] = "some text";
arr[5] = "some text";
arr[24] = "some text";

for (var i in arr) {
  if (arr.hasOwnProperty(i)) {
    // ...

A better way might actually be to enumerate with `for (;;)` or just
use an object (rather than an array). Both ways make "keys" easily

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