That's because you're sending the request for current_solicitations
before you send the request for delete_solicitations (although I
wouldn't rely on the ordering of concurrent XHR requests).  This code
in your hidesolicitations method:

>                         new Ajax.Updater('nlmsg', url3, {evalScripts:true,
> onSuccess:reset_element(action)});

...*calls* the reset_element function immediately, passing in
'action', and then assigns the result of the call to the onSuccess
option in that updater.  (As the call has no defined return value, the
return value assigned to onSuccess is undefined.)  You probably meant
to *define* the onSuccess handler to be a function that calls
reset_element and passes in 'action', rather than actually doing it.
Remember that to call a function, you provide its name followed by
parens:  myfunction().  So reset_element(action) *calls* the
reset_element function.  If you want to declare (but not execute) a
function that will call reset_element when the onSuccess handler is
triggered, this would do it:

                          new Ajax.Updater('nlmsg', url3,
  onSuccess: function() { reset_element(action); } });

I haven't thoroughly checked the rest of the code, but that should get
you going.

T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com

On Sep 22, 9:55 pm, SQE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> I've read a bit about this.....but am struggling nonetheless.  In an
> effort to hide records, when a user clicks the "hide" link
> below....the current_solicitation file is still being called before
> the delete_solicitation file.  I am watching this happen in Firebug,
> so at least I can explain WHY it isn't working, but I still can't make
> it fire the delete file first.
> I've also tried onComplete.
> Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
> Thanks!
> sqe
> <a href="#"
> onclick="hidesolicitation('[field:'show_id']','[var:'action']');">Hide</
> a>
> <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
> <!--//
> function hidesolicitation(showid,action)
>                 {
>                 var agree=confirm('Are you sure you wish to hide this show?');
>                 if (agree)
>                         {
>                         var 
> url3='/path/delete_solicitation_inline.lasso?showid=' + showid
> + '&-session=msi:' + "[/noprocess][session_id:-name='msi']
> [noprocess]";
>                         new Ajax.Updater('nlmsg', url3, {evalScripts:true,
> onSuccess:reset_element(action)});
>                         document.getElementById("title_error").innerHTML = 
> '<h3>Show
> Solicitation Hidden!</h3>';
>                         }
>                 else
>                         {
>                         return false ;
>                         }
>                 }
> function reset_element(action) {
>                 alert (action);
>                 var url4='/path/current_solicitations.lasso?action='+ action 
> +'&-
> session=msi:' + "[/noprocess][session_id:-name='msi'][noprocess]";
>                 new Ajax.Updater('contentmain', url4, {evalScripts:true});
>                 }
>                 //-->
> </script>
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