I resolved the issue that I was having by correcting some loose
markup.  I was using <label> instead of <label for="password">, and IE
hates when you are not explicit.  Still, crashing the browser is an
extreme ramification for a markup error.

Sorry to have posted it here as it is obviously not a Prototype /
Scriptaculous issue


On Sep 23, 12:56 pm, PhillipS <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Does anyone know anything about this error or how it could be
> resolved?
> Runtime Error!
> R6025
> pure virtual function call
> what M$ has to say:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/125749
> When this error appears ie6 crashes, usually with no error reporting.
> Only once did it report the r6025 error.
> On my page I'm not doing anything terribly fancy, just using something
> like this (erb):
> <%= link_to_function('Cancel') do |page|
>  page['changePasswordContainer'].visual_effect :slideUp
>  page << "$('toggleChangePassword').removeClassName('toggleOpen')"
> end     %>
> The effects used are pretty generic and have posed no problems
> elsewhere, :slideUp, :slideDown, :replaceHTML, :show, :hide....  Just
> don't know how to tackle this bug.
> Many thanks
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