so I have a problem:
in a page I have a tree and a detail area
when I select a leave in a tree - I start an AJAX call which gets some
data and some interface displays in detail area, which in turn start
another AJAX call for retreaving some data for the interface

Iа I click wery quikly on the different leaves in the tree - IE hangs
and anyone response doesnt achieve its ame - even F5 dosnt help to
awake IE

I suspect that incoming different AJAX responders doesnt find their
targets to render the data and thats why IE hangs

I create every AJAX call as: new Ajax(...) - without having after that
the reference to it (unfortunately its impossible in my architecture
of client app)

I nee to stop anyone Ajax call, maiden early before clicking to
another leave of the tree

is it possible to do in in known way? How could I resolve this
Thanks in advance
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