So I am using the prototype and scriptaculous on my webpage that I am
designing with CakePHP.

This is my link that I am using:

echo $ajax->link($html->image('/img/portfolio/small/' .
$portfolio['Portfolio']['picture'], array('alt' =>
$portfolio['Portfolio']['title'])), '/portfolios/view/' .
$portfolio['Portfolio']['id'], array('update'=> 'case_study',
'complete' => 'Effect.Appear(\'case_study\', {duration: 2.0})'), null,

Long I know. I can explain it more if you want me to, but the main
part here that is my focus and the reason I am asking on this board
instead of the CakePHP board is this part:

array('update'=> 'case_study', 'complete' =>
'Effect.Appear(\'case_study\', {duration: 2.0})')

Now all of this works as it is. However what I wanted was that after
the case_study div initially "appeared" was once another link was
clicked I wanted it to fade away and have it re-appear when it was
complete. So I thought I could add before the 'complete':

'before' => 'Effect.Fade(\'case_study\')
'loading' => Effect.Fade(\'case_study\')

Neither of these are working. What happens as soon as I add either of
those, is the div vaguely appears and then suddenly disappears, never
to appear again until another link appears and then it just continues
that cycle.

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this, if not I can move
this to the CakePHP group, just thought this was more of a
Scriptaculous issue.

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