jQuery is for simple manipulations for beginner or for the simple
projects which doesnt require class inheritence manipulations, work
with enumarations, events and etc which is a core of Prototype.js

Prototype.js is very useful and well thought-out library for advanced
programmers and complicated projects!

On 26 сент, 17:52, Diodeus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> While I am strong advocate of Prototype and Script.aculo.us, I find
> that the vast majority of discussion/coverage on the web is focussed
> on jQuery. I understand that there are not huge differences in the
> capabilities of these two libraries, so why has jQuery gained such
> popularity vs Prototype?
> This really hit home since I've been following questions/discussions
> on stackoverflow.com. Prototype is virtually invisible there. I know
> this isn't a "library war" and that the two can cheerfully coexist,
> and that there is plenty of room in the marketplace for everyone. A
> few years from now, where will we be? jQuery seems to be gaining
> momentum.
> Will there be a resurgence in the popularity of Prototype, or will it
> fade off into obscurity? (I certainly hope not)
> Here's the post I read today:
> - - -http://stackoverflow.com/questions/139723/which-javascript-framework-...
> - - -
> Question: Which Javascript Framework is the simplest and most
> powerful?
> - - -
> I propose jQuery.
> I'll give you some of the major arguments from the presentation that
> my team put on yesterday for senior management to convince them of
> that.
> Reasons:
>    1.
>       Community acceptance. Look at this graph. It shows searches for
> "prototype", "yui" and "scriptaculous" growing from 2004 to 2008. Then
> out of nowhere in 2006 searches fro "jquery" shoot up to double the
> number of the other libraries. The community is actually converging on
> a single leading product, and it's jQuery.
>    2.
>       jQuery is very very succinct and readable. I conducted an
> experiment in which I took existing code (selected at random) written
> in YUI, and tried re-writing it in jQuery. It was 1/4 as long in
> jQuery. That makes it 4 times as easy to write, and 4 times as easy to
> maintain.
>    3.
>       jQuery integrates well with the rest of the web world. The use
> of CSS syntax as the key for selecting items is a brilliant trick
> which helps to meld together the highly diseparate worlds of HTML, CSS
> and JavaScript.
>    4.
>       Documentation: jQuery has excellent documentation, with clear
> specifications and working examples of every method. It has excellent
> books (I recommend "jQuery in Action".) The only competitor which
> matches it is YUI.
>    5.
>       Active user community: the Google group which is the main
> community discussion forum for Prototype has nearly 1000 members. The
> Google group for jQuery has 10 times as many members. And my personal
> experience is that the community tends to be helpful.
>    6.
>       Easy learning curve. jQuery is easy to learn, even for people
> with experience as a designer, but no experience in coding.
>    7.
>       Performance. Check out this, which is published by mootools. It
> compares the speed of different frameworks. jQuery is not always the
> VERY fastest, but it is quite good on every test.
>    8.
>       Plays well with others: jQuery's noConflict mode and the core
> library's small size help it to work well in environments that are
> already using other libraries.
>    9.
>       Designed to make JavaScript usable. Looping is a pain in
> JavaScript; jQuery works with set objects you almost never need to
> write the loop. JavaScript's greatest strength is that functions are
> first-class objects; jQuery makes extensive use of this feature.
>   10.
>       Plug-ins. jQuery is designed to make it easy to write plugins.
> And there is an enormous community of people out there writing
> plugins. Anything you want is probably out there. Check out things
> like this or this for visual examples.
> I hope you find this convincing!
> - - -
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