Hi Sn4ke,

The core effects of Script.aculo.us(like Effect.Move) support a method
called cancel().

For example, you can do:

var myEffect = new Effect.Move(object, { x: 20, y: -30, mode:
'relative', duration: 5.0 });

Then, you can use the effect object reference(in this example,
myEffect) to stop the move effect whenever you want, and later start
over again with a new move effect.

Here is the documentation of all core effects that support cancel()

Also, if you use JavaScript in a handler such as oumouseover, you
don't need to put "javascript:".
The right way: onmouseover=" ** your code here ** "


On Sep 29, 2:30 am, SN4KE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> i wondered i it is possible to pause and continue an animation.
> Like, if I have an div-layer which moves around my Page – I set an
> onmouseover="javascript: $(foo).pause();" and a
> onmouseout="javascript: $(foo).continue();" inside. Are there some
> functions which just do the job?
> Is that possible? A simple "pause" and "continue" function?
> Greetings
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