You have definitively confused me - show how it would be right

On 30 сент, 03:21, Tom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Custom events are built on top of the dataavailable event, so they
> behave just let any other standard bubbling event.   That means if you
> want to be able to catch the event you need to be observing on an
> element that it would bubble to.
> In your code
>   $('Select2').observe('Select1:changed', function()
> { alert('changed'); });
> it listens at the select2 event for your custom event named
> "Select1:changed" - (note the name of the event is strictly arbitrary
> and doesnt actually tie it in any way to Select1)  Because of this if
> you fire the event on Select1 it will never bubble to Select2.  As
> Hector pointed out if you fire the Event on select2 then your observer
> will catch it - { $('Select2').fire('Select1:changed') }
> Tom
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