No, it's not a bug. A Textarea is a form element, not a DIV or  
another text container. Form elements have a value, and therefore  
that's what you change. DIVs and Ps and other valid text containers  
do not have a value attribute, only children. innerHTML is a way to  
change the children without going all the way through the DOM tree  
beneath the parent element, either declaratively or programmatically.


On Sep 30, 2008, at 1:48 AM, Matthew G wrote:

> Problem:  When using Ajax.Updater to set the content of a textarea,
> any newlines in the received content are not shown in IE6, but are
> shown in Opera, Firefox, Chrome.
> I think the reason is that Ajax.Updater is setting .innerHTML,
> not .value on the textarea.  One can workaround by using Ajax.Request
> and setting the .value of the textarea in the callback.  Is this a  
> bug?
> >

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