i have a Problem, i Code at a WYSWYG Editor, with Sortables. Now The
Porblem is that in FireFox 3 i canot leftclick to an div witch is
contentEditable, to edit the content ;) . I already think i have foud
the Problem:

// abort on form elements, fixes a Firefox issue
      var src = Event.element(event);
      if((tag_name = src.tagName.toUpperCase()) && (
        tag_name=='INPUT' ||
        tag_name=='SELECT' ||
        tag_name=='OPTION' ||
        tag_name=='BUTTON' ||
        tag_name=='TEXTAREA' )) return;

its at line: 306 at the dragdrop.js
 i think there has to be the following bugfix:
||  (tag_name=='DIV' && src.contentEditable)

is there any other solution, or script.aculo.us has to update their
code ?

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