I've got to imagine someone's run into this problem before, though I
can't seem to find a good explanation on how to fix it...

I have a fixed position div with category names (all droppable
elements) in the left column of my app.  In the main body of my app
are entries which a user can drag onto the corresponding category to
categorize the entry through drag-and-drop.  Since the list of entries
scrolls, I've made the category div fixed position so that it is
always in view.

The problem is that once I start scrolling down the list of entries,
and the categories module moves, it no longer accepts drag-and-drop
entries - the drop zone for the categories has been left behind at the
top of the column and did not move with the fixed position div.

I found this seemingly related fix and tried it, but it didn't seem to
do the trick:


I replaced 'within' with 'withinIncludingScrolloffsets' in dragdrop.js
and it did not work.

How do i get the droppable drop zones for the categories in the fixed
position div to move when the page scrolls?


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