I'm guessing that morph has a hard time transitioning from 50% to
137px. Perhaps it doesn't know what 50% is, if that's the case it
probably transitions from 0px to 137px instead, and you see things out
of screen for a while. I'm not sure if morph handles % to px, maybe
it's something that can be improved in scriptaculous. I'd have to see
the transition, what could help is to set the current position in
pixels right before the transition starts.


On 1 okt, 20:18, revivedk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Is there any reason that using:
>                 $('lightbox').morph('left: 137px;');
> so, is there any reason, that this causes the DIV to move partially
> out of the screen?
> the preset css style of the lightbox (if it can be the cause?) is
> this:
> div#lightbox {
>         position: fixed;
>         top: 50%;
>         left: 50%;
>         z-index: 1004;
>         background-color: white;
>         width: 500px;
>         height: 300px;
>         text-align: left;
>         margin-left: -250px;
>         margin-top: -150px;
>         overflow: auto;
>         padding: 0px;
>         }
> I can't really figure it out, since "left: 137px;" is a perfectly
> valid location, within the screen?
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